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Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions

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Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated time for delivery of your services?

We are just a phone call away from you, and take only 15 minutes to reach you regardless your location.

In which areas, you provide your services?
We have a comprehensive network of locksmith services across greater Toronto and Ontario.

Are your services can be reached in a specific time?

We are a dedicated team ample, tremendous and robust locksmith service provider and we work 24 hrs a week. If you need our services at any time, you can let us reach you on just a single phone call.

Can your services be acquired in weekends?

We provide our services throughout the week and even in weekends. No matter either its day or night, shine or rain, there is no holiday for us.

Do you provide the guarantee of your tools and services?

Of course yes! We do provide the guarantee for 90 days depending upon the service you acquire from us. The time period for guarantee depends upon the nature of case.

What kind of electronic locksmith solutions can be acquired from your company?

We do provide the latest solutions to all types of electric locks that comprise of keyless system for entry, digital locks for security and transponder key programmer.

What sort of other services are available instead of installation of new lock system?

We provide services according to your needs. We do provide our services for ignition replacement, lock ignition, and provision of duplicate keys by using latest key cutting machines.

Are you expert in providing the duplicate keys conforming with standards?

Of course, Yes! We do provide such special services due to the fact that we use tools which are also utilized by the dealers. We use high quality machines for key cutting process for the provision of duplicate keys and you feel the originally in them. Our machine conforms with the key code that is further calculated with VIN code for the creation of analogous keys.

What kind of locksmith services you are offering?

We offer nearly all types of locksmith services. Our representatives are specialized in deadline with residential, commercial and auto locks. You can get new locks installed, removed, replaced or repaired from our company. We also take the responsibility to ensure that your locks should remain in the working condition by checking their current condition and deadlocks to ensure the maximum safety and security at your place.

Can I purchase my own unlocking tools?

No, you cannot purchase locksmith tools as it is strongly against the laws as such tools are possessed for burglary. Such tools are not sold to everyone by locksmiths.

I have moved to a new place, do I need to re-key all locks even they are in proper working condition?

Yes! You cannot trust other in security matter. There is the possibility of duplicate keys lost by previous owners, it is strongly recommended that you should always get your lock re-keyed in case you shift your home or business to a new place.