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Security Cameras Installation Toronto & GTA

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MultiSystems Locksmith provides and serves the people of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with an ample  variety of security cameras for different applications. Homeowners can monitor activity from any location and see the inside/outside their home with a wifi camera that streams video directly to a computer, tablet or smart phone. Commercial establishments may monitor the activity of their property onsite at all times.


MultiSystems Locksmith  offers tailored solutions to  our clients according to their requirements. We provide you with a warranty for any repairs/maintenance on our security camera installation.

Our Locksmith Technicians can take care of your needs and also provide a consultation on new systems, keeping you up to date with new security products in Ontario and help you chose the right product.

We can promise our clients that we have professional technicians to install the cameras properly, respond immediately when there is an urgent need and provide you with a good CCTV solution.

We offer the following solutions for your remote surveillance needs whether Residential of Commercial:

  • Weather Proof Security Cameras
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Multispectre Securtiy Cameras (Night and Day modes)
  • Infra-Red Security Cameras for night surveillance
  • Motion Tracking Security Cameras
  • Thermal Security Cameras
  • Anti-Tampering Security Cameras
  • Motion Remote Controlled Security Cameras
  • 360 degrees Monitoring Cameras
  • Video Intercom Systems
  • Motion Activated Recording Devices







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