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Multi Systems Locksmith offers installation and repair services for various residential and commercial access control systems. We work with the industry’s top brands and products to offer our customers the most secure access control systems.

Our Services

Our team of experienced security professionals understands what it takes to keep your property safe. Our quality service has allowed us to work with some of Canada’s most reputable companies.

Our professional and experienced technicians will walk you through the most secure and optimal solution for  your needs. Our access control services include biometric scanners, credit cards scanners, fob key cards key, security badges, keypads and security gates.

Choosing the Right Access Control System

Multi Systems Locksmith works with a variety of access control systems, and we will help you decide which system is right for your needs.  These systems include:

  • Web-based systems
  • Alerts and notification systems
  • IP networks
  • Server-based systems.

Access Control System Brands We Carry

access-control-4bBenefits of Access Control Systems

Why install an access control system in your home or building? Access control systems are easy to use, affordable and help improve security and personnel management.

  • The risk of your property being broken into is decreased tremendously.
  • There is no need for keys to walk in through multiple doors in your building.
  • The security and management team can see who is entering and exiting through specific entrances/exits
  • It’s easy to create new cards, cancel cards and modify cards.
  • People using an access control system save time and money.

ClientRelationshipManagerUpdating Our Clients:

It’s always important for us to follow up with our clients and make sure that they are up to date with all the new technological advancements that could keep them more safe.

This allows us to always be a step ahead when you need to upgrade your access control hardware and software according to your security needs.

Our Guarantee:

Multisystems Locksmith is here to help you. We are a reliable company with many years of experience to back it up. We’re committed to offering the highest quality security systems for your home or business.

Contact Us:

For more information on access control services, give us a call at 866-903-3786 to speak with a member of our team.



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